Market Intelligence Tool


The client required an overview of the sale and lease market for aircraft worldwide. The client’s market intelligence process already included collating quantities of aircraft offered for sale in the market in a spreadsheet.

There was a perceived opportunity to improve the client’s insight into the market and to increase the utility of market intelligence to the sales team particularly.


Information on aircraft being offered in the market is recorded in the system based on individual aircraft, proposed transaction (dry lease, sale, etc.) and by where the aircraft is offered. It is possible to record transactions in the system. The system also stores any aircraft specification documents that are available and copies of market resources such as Airfax, Speednews, etc.


By analysing the data recorded, it is possible to gain insight into market trends by aircraft type, geographically and transaction type. Market activity on an individual aircraft can be analysed with previous transactions and available aircraft specifications.

The sales team can gain timely insights into recent market activity and market supply and demand.