Deal Pipeline Management Tool


The aircraft lessor client was using an spreadsheet to manage the deal pipeline. The spreadsheet combined data storage and reporting functions and was not generally available to the sales team. Input was taken from the sales team weekly and used to update the spreadsheet, which was used to lead a weekly meeting.

The file also included information on the lessor’s aircraft portfolio, where aircraft were on lease, redelivery dates and the status of aircraft which were off lease.


The spreadsheet was replaced with a web-based tool to allow sales personnel to manage potential deals and contact campaigns. A fleet management tool was also included to allow the management and communication of the aircraft portfolio. The system also created a report that presented current data on sales team contact campaigns and potential deals.


The legacy system and process required a period of approximately two days to gather input from the team and update the spreadsheet. Quality of input was also compromised by the nature of the process which required a deadline by which submissions were required. The new system allowed the sales team to update the system over time. Additionally, the weekly report was always available and was based on the latest data. Substantial effort was eliminated, making a notable improvement to management productivity.